Discover the epitome of bespoke scaffolding in Hastings with JKL Scaffolding. Our founder, Jake Kelly, brings extensive expertise since 2011 to every project. We redefine excellence by carefully tailoring installations to their surroundings, be it family homes, offices, or warehouses. As Hastings’s best, we adapt our client-focused approach to ensure efficient and effective solutions for all your scaffolding needs.


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Choose JKL Scaffolding for premier scaffolding solutions in Hastings. Our expertise as scaffolding specialists extends to both external and internal scaffolding, ensuring a seamless fit for your construction projects. Safety and client satisfaction are paramount as we tailor our services to cater to diverse needs in domestic, commercial, and industrial scaffolding. For unparallelled solutions, contact us at 0800 061 4800 or email In Hastings, we bring you the seamless scaffolding experience you deserve.

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Transform your home with JKL Scaffolding, your trusted partner for home extensions in Hastings. Whether working with construction professionals or homeowners, we offer flexibility and control over scaffolding.

Our proficient team specialises in domestic projects, providing scaffolding support for:

  • Sunroom additions: Safeguard your property during sunroom construction with our expert scaffolding.
  • Exterior upgrades: Elevate your home’s exterior with safe access during upgrades and renovations.
  • Balcony installations: Facilitate balcony installations with tailored scaffolding solutions.
  • Kitchen remodels: Ensure a secure framework for kitchen remodelling projects.
  • Landscaping support: Access elevated areas for landscaping projects with precision and safety.

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Experience the dynamics of commercial scaffolding with JKL Scaffolding in Hastings. Our versatile approach, backed by ample resources and project management expertise, ensures seamless solutions for projects of all sizes. Collaborating efficiently with main contractors and designated site managers, we focus on streamlined communication, eliminating project delays.

Our team excels in adapting to diverse commercial projects, providing tailored scaffolding solutions for:

  • Hotel construction
  • Warehouse expansion
  • Apartment complexes
  • Educational facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Healthcare facilities

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JKL Scaffolding takes pride in its specialisation in crafting bespoke scaffolding solutions exclusively for industrial ventures in Hastings. Our adept team, equipped with the requisite skills, knowledge, and expertise, thrives on tailoring scaffolding to meet the unique demands of industrial environments. Collaborating directly with site managers or building contractors during industrial projects, we prioritise a hands-on approach that accounts for and accommodates site-specific requirements comprehensively.

Embrace the versatility of our industrial scaffolding service, tailored to accommodate an array of projects spanning various types and scales, such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Power stations
  • Factories
  • Heritage environments
  • Shopping centres
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Agricultural settings

Prioritising health
and safety

At JKL Scaffolding, safety is our top priority. We go beyond industry standards to deliver scaffolding solutions that focus on the well-being of our clients and team members in Hastings. Explore our commitment to safety across different project types.

Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility for safety, we employ site-specific documentation and effective processes for seamless and secure scaffolding solutions.

Being proactive

With forward-thinking solutions, we proactively adapt to industry changes and implement the latest scaffolding technologies.

Working professionally

Our Hastings-based team ensures safety, boasting PPE-equipped experts dedicated to delivering reliable and secure scaffolding solutions.

Arrange a site survey in Hastings

Contact us at 0800 061 4800 or to discuss your Hastings scaffolding needs. Our dedicated team ensures your project’s success, arranging a site survey to provide bespoke solutions.

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What makes JKL Scaffolding

Each scaffolding endeavour holds its distinct character, tailored precisely to your site, needs, and budget. Find out why our team excels as Hastings’s choice for superior scaffolding contractors.

  • Dependable team
    Seasoned scaffolding professionals guarantee seamless project execution on schedule.
  • Innovative problem-solving
    Adaptable scaffolding solutions excel in tackling intricate technical demands on-site.
  • Project mastery
    Experienced in projects of all scales, we ensure safety and deliver consistent updates.
  • Diligent responsibility
    As seasoned professionals, we adhere to high standards, ensuring safe, responsible, and top-quality results.


Bespoke scaffolding solutions in Hastings

Start your Hastings project on the right footing with our scaffolding solutions. Call 0800 061 4800 or email today. Ensure seamless execution, reliability, and excellence.

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